Continuing Screen-Printing Processes-My Ongoing Journey of Discovery from Marks Made and Connections Realised

Through reviewing others work including Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor, Textile Artist alongside my own artwork process I have increasingly submerged myself in mark-making with meaning for this recent series of larger scale screen-printed pieces on cotton velvet. There has been a greater sense of exploration of self from the marks made. While the original source material may have been from a range of surface qualities in natural forms… I have allowed myself to be more freed up to make marks and to continue to respond to the marks made through an emotional response, to integrate more of myself into this mark making process to amplify and promote what I feel towards what I am doing through colour and marks. Continuing strong colour contrasts and marks have been used to explore aspects of what is there, to work beyond representation to try and go beneath the surface of natural objects. As a result, different qualities of mark making have been realised to go deeper in and to promote what is there but can’t be readily seen with an emphasis on what can be felt.

From this process dynamic marks and configurations of marks were realised for their own sake with minimum layering effects. The beauty and simplicity of the marks realised through screen-printing and the associated felt sense from doing so were increasingly combined to represent this specific process.

The simplicity of the line with the marks made seemed to cut through the surface and layers to produce something more relevant, to simply the message and to convey the beauty and importance of natural forms.

Other larger screen-printed examples highlighted similar processes of simplification through the marks made to almost get to and expose the core. In doing so impactful textiles can be increasingly made and felt that can’t be ignored or overlooked, of the beauty in marks and nature, of highlighting a disappearing natural world.

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