OCA Textiles 3: Research Assignment Three- Response to Formative Tutor Feedback

Morris (2020) Ink Jet Printing-Sampling using white cotton muslin with multiple layers of collage work, photographic imagery and artwork centred around themes of environmental fragility.

The tutor feedback received for assignment three enabled me to shift from where I was… to reflect more fully to help me to plan my critical review more systematically…to achieve so much more from this research process. As a result I increasingly focused upon the core elements of the critical review, of the integration of my practical textile work. As with the personal specialism proposal I initially tried to do too much and more recently I have had to pull myself back from diluting the overall result through overgeneralisation. In trying to have an all-inclusive approach including the title I failed to fully encapsulate what the research process was all about and on reflection I can acknowledge that the original title was not in line with the research so it had to be reconsidered. I was enabled to step back and to review my initial ideas including responding to context, proposing context and content.  Since I have already naturally veered towards being increasingly in relationship with materials and making, of naturally gravitating towards a more in-depth critical analysis of my own relationship with materials and making within the context of environmental fragility I feel that the research process should clearly emulate this, to showcase healthier environmental relating within the wider society.

I am therefore appreciative of this opportunity for reflection and for the option to adjust accordingly my critical review to more accurately highlight the foundation of my research process. As stated in my critical review the core aims and objectives were already outlined as… It is hoped that this critical literature review will generate supporting evidence for a more environmentally sound relationship and joined up ways of working with the making of materials and their use and reuse, to highlight further the need to utilise raw resources, to generate production processes and systems of reuse to minimise waste and to promote sustainability. That said the working title has now been changed to How can innovation in making and materials support a more environmentally sound relationship with textiles and their future reuse? As suggested by my tutor given the importance of materials, making and reuse to the overall critical review.

Open College of the Arts

Textiles 3: Research- Assignment 4

Critical Review

Gillian Morris

Student No 511388

Working Title:

How can innovation in making and materials support a more environmentally sound relationship with textiles and their future reuse?

The tutor feedback concerning my research process to date for the critical review has been helpful and enabled further structuring of ideas with the use of research outcomes including the linking of the introduction with the conclusion. I recognise there is more work to be undertaken with the introduction which needs to be increasingly clear about what is being investigated from the outset of the final critical review. I aim to set up the questions being investigated within the introduction as sub-headings within a clearer format and to use more connected and inter-related topics throughout the critical review.

As advised by my tutor I plan to increasingly focus upon developing my practical textile work to enable greater cross-fertilisation of ideas between my research processes and my related creative making processes. Through the tutor feedback I have become more focused and directed to make more significant links with how I am as a textile artist with how this impacts on me as a researcher and what is really important to me and such personal identities. My research file has been reviewed around more specific topics including both primary and secondary research sources with use of more structured note taking to try and contain my thinking and related research ideas alongside recording and tracking my research and sources. In doing so my research process has improved with an increased capacity to continuously reflect on what I am doing, why I am doing it and what now? In being more organised my thinking has become increasingly streamlined with less clutter and unrelated information. I have been able to clarify the overriding questions and topic which has helped me to see the way ahead more clearly including relevant materials, sources and associated case studies as well as my own work, of what I am most interested in and is most relevant to the topic under investigation. While I have spent some time fully referencing all my sources I continue to endeavour to frame my bibliography in a way that best aids access and understanding for others.

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