Textiles 3: Personal Specialism- Assignment 5

Self-Evaluation-Course Learning Outcomes

Gillian Morris

Student No 511388

Demonstrate the use of analysis and creative thinking in interpreting and responding to self-initiated and other projects.

I have undertaken increased and more in-depth idea progression through the sampling processes involving both printing and tapestry weaving of which the creative work from its inception was a form of investigation. From reflecting upon what to do, so what and what now throughout the creative processes to date I have analysed deeply what I am doing, how I am going to do it and reviewed what was achieved and what happens next because of what has been learned from prior creative work. I have conceptualised and theorised when I reflected upon what I am going to make and documented and sketched my ideas and thoughts, which has resulted in new knowledge, understanding and insights.

As illustrated above the iterative cyclic web model has helped me to be increasingly methodical concerning practice-led research, research-led practice and academic research concerning the generation and development of ideas (Smith & Dean 2014).

Show proficiency in using personal visual language and practical work to communicate ideas effectively.

I have continued to utilise frameworks for understanding my creative practice to enable me to conceptualise the domains of inquiry under investigation, to help keep me on track through the practice-led research process. As part of the research activity, I have increasingly referred to dialectical practices including dialogues and narratives to help explain and understand my creative work which suits my context concerning sustainability and the prevention of waste through innovative material use. When I undertake creative enquiry, it is viewed within an academic research context as I strive to review existing knowledge and to alter my understanding based upon new learning. The theoretical practice sites the research problems where the research questions are found and explored in the making through the actual experiencing with the conceptual practices to create. More recently I have been able to enhance and expand my relationship with materials, to listen, relate and respond more with the materials I work with, to forge closer reciprocal discourses in process. In doing so I have become increasingly interested in the use and reuse of materials.  

Show both the technical scope and a critical and contextual understanding of a chosen textile process or processes.

I have been able to illustrate and evaluate my capacity to use several hand printmaking processes especially screen printing in a range of scales, to undertake all the related technical processes. More recently I have been able to increase the scale of the imagery and to experiment with producing larger prints to good effect as I have learned so much in process to aid continuing development. Screen-printing therefore offers opportunities to illustrate natural forms which connect and correspond with my context, to work in a larger scale by hand, to really engage physically and mentally in process to have more of a relationship with the material. That said printing inks are always used in a responsible way environmentally to ensure minimal usage and no waste.   Tapestry weaving also offers this opportunity to establish a relationship with the materials through touch and the materials response. Tapestry weaving is another labour-intensive process which takes time and effort so increased understandings can be realised within this creative process with the materials used. It is another medium which illustrates natural forms beautifully whereby fragility can be felt, responded to in the weave just as in the print.

Demonstrate the ability to develop ideas and sustain a project from its inception to final outcomes that take into account the audience and/or requirements of the client.

I have prior experience of developing ideas and sustaining a project from its inception through to final outcomes as evidenced from previous OCA Textiles Degree Programme project work as well as creating and making textiles for others to order especially friends and acquaintances. Positive feedback was offered that I kept to the brief and time, and I produced what they wanted. I have regularly exhibited my textile work and met the necessary requirements within the expected timescales and sold work.

Demonstrate an understanding of how your own work connects with market forces, commission work and/or exhibition opportunities for textile outcomes and within the context of contemporary art and design.

Through an increased online presence and a range of interconnected platforms I keep abreast of what is happening here and now, I am influenced by other textile artists and designers and allow my creative practice to develop, grow, evolve, and change as I do. In not standing still, of being influenced by what is around me, of the environment, culture, and society in which I inhabit I will remain current and contemporary…I will remain aware of where my textile work sits within the overall art and design field. While the focus is on developing a clear personal identity to my creative work this naturally connects with what is required to succeed in a range of professional textile related roles. I recognise the need to showcase my textile work across the internet, to develop my own online gallery outlets, to exhibit my textiles to be known as well as apply for residencies, funding opportunities, exhibitions, commissions, and contemporary art competitions. While I am already a member of the British Tapestry Group and exhibit regularly, I also subscribe to several textile journals and periodicals, which helps to promote an increased connection to what is going on around me within contemporary art. My work has been published directly from exhibitions and the process of exhibiting. Given the context of my current textile work which is focused upon sustainability and environmental concerns alongside my relationship with materials I feel that this is in keeping with who I am personally and creatively which is also situated within the contemporary arena. 

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