Textiles 3 Sustaining My Practice

Assignment 1 Exercises 1-5 Review

Building Upon and Developing My Creative Processes

Gillian Morris Student No. 511388

Morris (2021) Distressed Relating-Initial Watercolour Artwork adapted through Photoshop and Ink Jet Printing Experimental Processes

From the outset of sustaining my practice I valued the opportunity to review Personal Specialism and Research and my personal response to my past creative processes. How I was and am positioned here and now as well as how I aim to continue to evolve my creative relating with materials. I have spent three months reflecting upon the continuing development of my contextual awareness as a textile artist, on how I can project my personal voice within a new series of work. To aid this process I have undertaken increased research processes online and through library referencing including related literature to help to extend myself creatively beyond what I already know, to push myself further. I am increasingly extending my creative interests to seek greater synergy with print, to increasingly incorporate stitch. I already feel that this new creative process is altogether more immersive as I seek to show more of myself in-process, personally and professionally through the communication of a more meaningful environmental context including the spaces I inhabit and connect with, of the intuitive interaction to increase awareness.

I have been challenged to reflect more upon what I need and use within my creative process. Within the exercises concerning the tools I use I started to analyse more deeply why I use specific tools and the meaning that they have for me. I started to recognise just how much textiles have taken over my life as my related tools inhabit most of my spaces at home, sharing spaces with my family. Through years of interest with extended learning and experiencing many of my tools have been on this experiential journey with me. I felt I was honouring and paying homage to many of my tools through completion of these exercises including video clips. The beauty, functionality, quality, and personal connection of such tools was acknowledged and commented upon.

I have increasingly reflected upon materials and their use to be more considered in my thinking going forward. In considering materiality three core groups of qualities were related to including fracturing, splitting, and rupturing which are deemed relevant to my creative work with materials environmentally both personally and professionally. I have visually represented such qualities through print and weave and now wish to increasingly explore the use of stitch, to pull apart and tear materials to exemplify personal and professional crisis and distress. Increasingly materials which have substance…strength, toughness and durability are responded to, that are composed of sustainable fibres with the capacity to be reused, reclaimed, and repurposed, to be damaged, split and then repaired to exemplify recovery. I like vintage materials with their own life story, of the importance of sourcing appropriately to ensure their proven provenance over many years like linen, of the materials worth and value being embedded within their wear.

The Pecha Kucha PowerPoint presentation centred upon visually capturing my initial artwork processes and related inspirations to connect what I am doing now with the future direction of my work. I have produced brand new artwork through pictorial representation without the accompanying text to enable me just to focus upon the visuals. This helped me not to be so distracted by text, to fully evaluate the effectiveness of the visual imagery to start to convey context alongside the material’s own properties and qualities.

Through bridging outcomes using A4 recycled ink jet print paper and stitch I was reacquainted with the overall functionality and beauty of stitch to compile an initial visual proposal. This process enabled me to explore concepts of deconstructing and reconstructing to explore related themes of crisis and distress with repair and recovery.

Morris (2021) Distressed Relating-Initial Watercolour Artwork adapted through Photoshop and Ink Jet Experimental Printing Processes

I increasingly seek to connect…my online blog weaveprint.com has been shared with the OCA Textiles Department and the textile students through OCA Learn including direct links and shared platforms so everyone related to textiles can see everything that I have achieved to date and what I continue to do on a contemporaneous basis so invaluable networking opportunities can arise, and feedback can be gleaned. All social media involvement continues including Instagram and Facebook to help me to keep informed and relevant.

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