OCA Textiles 3: Sustaining My Practice- Response to Formative Tutor Feedback

Part 5 – Assignment 5

More than an art and craft retail outlet- Made in Stirling Store and Creative Hub at 44 King Street, Stirling FK8 1AY. Made In Stirling supports over 100 local artists across the central belt of Scotland. https://madeinstirlingstore.com/

As always, I have fully appreciated and valued my tutors continuing feedback from assignment 5. There was significant acknowledgement of what I had achieved on completing the final assignment for ‘Sustaining Your Practice’. Lizzy Levy noted that throughout this unit I have shown strong skills of reflective analysis evidencing this within analytical writing and my decision-making process. It was great to hear that reflected back to me through the feedback, of the scale of my development from ‘Personal Specialism’ onto the more recent, professional installation of my work in a gallery setting. Also, I was delighted to hear that my Learning logs via my online blog evidenced a methodical documentation of both creative progress as well as the thinking, research, and correlation of all these elements that build the foundations of my methodology and practice. Lizzy Levy recognised the scale of effort extolled through reiterating that my exhibition installation illustrated how my hard work, determination, bravery, and tenacity has supported the production of successful results that sit comfortably within a professional setting. Increasingly the daily feedback gleaned from my online website-blog https://weaveprint.com/ has commented upon my creativity, scale, and professionalism concerning my textile art which replicates my tutor feedback. Lizzy Levy has continued to encourage me to development to advance my creative and professional practice, to support me to move beyond where I am at… to become a professional textile artist. As noted, I have synthesised my prior learning, practical and conceptual understanding in the resolution of my self-initiated final, major project. Here, I have shown a strong capacity to apply appropriate strategies for the future in professional practice within professional settings. I have established a personal visual language to my body of work which will offer an excellent springboard as I work towards deepening, self-motivation, autonomy, and professional practice.

As discussed previously through the Google-based online tutorials and within the written feedback my current website-blog and learning log https://weaveprint.com/ will increasingly change as I progressively enter professional practice. As stated, by Lizzy Levy my learning log remains so detailed with much information revealing my methods of working, philosophies as well as personal inspirational forces that have instigated very personal responses or gestural processes such as ripping, cutting, mending, printing, mark making, etc. Therefore, I am currently in the process of developing and creating a professional website that doesn’t reveal all my print, stitch, and weave processes. Indeed, many others who have viewed my online blog have commented upon this and my need to share less going forward given the prevalence of copying online. That said my original work and narrative including my creative processes are unique and involve so many different layering effects it is more difficult to replicate. Thus, I plan to maintain my online log for myself as a type of workings out blog, to strengthen my creative thinking as it works so well as reinforced by Lizzy Levy. I aim to make https://weaveprint.com/ private and use as my private online journal to continue to help stimulate my creative activity and to produce an alternative online journal for public use.

Sarah McFadyen, Artist- An example of an extract from a professional website as part of my ongoing research processes https://www.sarahmcfadyenart.com/

As suggested by Lizzy Levy my professional site will “showcase” my work with more subtle snippets of how my art works are formed or created to help me move into the professional domain as I inhabit one of WASPS artist studio spaces near to where I live. I continue to research professional artists; their websites and related exhibitions to investigate which formats are preferable or work best, to continue to be informed by how artists’ photograph, record, or film their work to share it as a professional textile artist via virtual platforms as suggested by Lizzy Levy.

As I continue to develop my professional practice I aim to progress and capitalise upon my research processes to identity and optimise any suitable opportunities which arise to promote me and my creative work as a textile artist including collaborative proposals, professional speaking at exhibitions, group settings, lectures, and workshops. While I continue to develop my research files concerning a range of artist opportunities through Craft Scotland and WASPS additional artist options are now available through Creative Scotland and Made in Stirling.

Made in Stirling: A modern artist showcase, retail outlet and creative hub, 44 King Street, Stirling FK8 1AY

In 2018, the Stirling Cultural Partnership established a Place Partnership programme, in collaboration with Creative Scotland. The Place Partnership is being led by Creative Stirling, and the aim of the Place Partnership is to amplify the brilliant creative activity in Stirling, learning about what it needs to thrive, and developing new activity which supports its sustainability. Place Partnership promotes an open, collaborative approach to partnership, where support is forthcoming for the arts and artists within the local area, to support each other and from this, new opportunities can and have emerged. One of the key activities in Place Partnership is Made in Stirling, 44 King St, Stirling’s new creative hub. Here people, place, imagination, and creativity regularly collaborate to include a range of innovative and contemporary project outcomes based upon offering a diverse programme of workshops and presentations within the multi-use gallery and event spaces. It is an exciting time to be completing my degree and branching out into professional practice in Central Scotland. https://creativestirling.org/ Made in Stirling, a modern artist showcase, retail outlet and creative hub was built to be a home to this wealth of diverse artists, designers, and makers that live, work or are originally from the area, to offer art which is contemporary, creative, and unique. I am now in the process of joining Made in Scotland and its creative hub funded by Create Stirling, and I look forward to becoming more involved in the range of creative activities which will become more available to me moving forward into professional practice and further academic study.

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