Textile Student-Personal Specialism/Research

Steal Like an Artist-Austin Kleon (Review)

After being strongly recommended a range of books as a level 3 textile student I eagerly set about acquiring and reading…the first of which was the New York Times Bestseller…Steal Like an Artist. Although its small it is a beautiful book packed with many suggested gems and nuggets of wisdom about the process of creativity. I felt encouraged at the acknowledged norms centred around sharing and being influenced by others as commonplace. Ultimately every new idea was a remix of previous ideas, that nothing comes from nowhere, of the increased need to surround myself with the most positive influences either online or in person. In doing so the need to be more methodical with documenting refences/original sources came to mind especially as I start a review process… as part of the precursor to the completion of a research proposal. After reading this book I felt more open and receptive to widen my gaze to anything that resonates and inspires, to leave myself sufficiently open to what may present itself…not to close myself off too early in the creative process. One defined goal centred around reading more, to stretch the net wider than previously…to remain curious and follow up everything that interests me and makes me think about what I am doing differently.

I have acquired several sketchbooks of which the smaller ones will be used to jot down and play with ideas…to increasingly make known my thoughts, feelings…observations…responses/reactions, to make more notes contemporaneously instead of losing the thread of numerous ideas. I plan to be more active in my creative process, to throw much less away, to reflect more and increasingly share to help glean feedback to aid my own learning, understanding and development. Through setting up a new Instagram and blog-online learning log I aim to let myself and my work be more readily seen.

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