Native North America: Contemporary Innovations Exhibition

Native North America: Contemporary Innovations Exhibition

The Gallery, Burgh Halls, Linlithgow

Sunday 20th October 2019

Unity (Close up)

Steve Smith used contemporary art practice, performance art, photography and monumental installations to re-evaluate traditional perspectives. Through challenge and change within his personal experience he has encapsulated a polyphony of colour. Innovative and experimental ways of working in form, shape and colour are in evidence throughout his paintings, sculptures, printmaking and installations. The artist’s choice of colour is led by how he feels and through having the opportunity to see his work up close I was able to get such a strong sense of this. See Rainbow Trout (2016) & Unity (2016). Now encouraged to make bolder choices with colour.

Rainbow Trout (Close up)
Unity-Use of red and black with impactful/striking results, off set by blue, green and purple
Rainbow Trout-Bold contrasting colour choices, simplified shapes and abstracted forms

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