The Happy Accident

Floral print with ink

Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything  

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880)

Through reviewing the work of interior designers Timorous Beasties who are based in Glasgow as well as reading more artists blogs and seeing OCA student work I have had a rethink concerning some of my own creative work. I have established a different attitude to unintended outcomes, whereby I value them more. I have often left sheets of mark making unattended out the way due to my mistakes and my need to pursue the route of more expected outcomes. Although I have long since stopped throwing away “my mistakes” after returning to study with OCA Textiles and as a result of friends repeatedly removing my artwork from the bin to keep… I didn’t fully capitalise upon pursuing such unintended outcomes further. I now increasingly recognise the worth in allowing and enabling messy and unpredictable mark making processes to evolve, to express myself more creatively through trial and error. So instead of writing anything off too soon I intend to leave myself more open to what is there, to explore a greater range of options and possibilities to aid increased experimentation especially within mixed media and printmaking using inks, see floral print with inks.

Timorous Beasties-Part of the Kaleido Splatt Superwide Wallpaper Panel

Timorous Beasties-Part of the Kaleido Splodge Superwide Wallpaper

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