Showing My Work-Creative Processes Being Made Known (Show Your Work- Austin Kleon)

From the OCA Textiles 3 Research and Personal Specialism processes as well as reading extensively including Show Your Work by Austin Kleon I have increasingly developed a new way of operating, to share what I do and how I do it with others off and on-line. I increasingly think process and see work streams as never-ending processes which continually lead onto the next thing I do. The whole process of sharing is being increasingly built into what I do with textiles on a regular basis, to establish sharing as part of an established routine. I aim to make known more of my relentless messy notes, lists, scribbles and never-ending filled up post-its which represent the initial thinking processes for me which have always been hidden from view previously as deemed insufficiently lucid and understandable to others… I now recognise that for me this represents the first layer of thinking before it is more recognisable and established…that it is nevertheless an essential part of my process which needs to be made known as it enables the next part.

Talk about the things you love really resonated with me, of my love of nature, natural surface qualities…shapes, form and line with colour, of increasingly illustrating what I love in what I do.

Given the isolating nature of being creative… taking advantage of others on-line seems the natural way to elicit feedback on my work… to help generate more ideas, learning and knowledge concerning the next step…what works, doesn’t work and what now?

This whole idea of finding my voice through showing my work makes sense…of allowing myself to be really seen…including all the messy bits of the process. What struck a chord was the fact that if my work is not out there it doesn’t exit. This made me think of all my previous work which was not shown and put out there which was never looked at, credited and assessed. This helps to act as a key motivator to maintain my blog, to let myself alongside others be known, to see my development and to chart change…to focus on doing good work.

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