OCA Textiles 3: Personal Specialism Assignment One- Response to Formative Tutor Feedback

Morris (2020) Selected artwork from natural surfaces using acrylics and watercolours utilising outer surface areas of shells.

On reviewing the feedback, I appreciated the acknowledgement from the tutor of just how much work I had put into assignment 1 and what I had achieved. There was considerable effort put into the process of reflection and evaluation of previous work to enable new learning and understanding of my own practice and outcomes. As stated, my learning focused upon the creation of an online platform to showcase my creative practice and the context of my work. This took some time as I was relatively new to showing my textiles on-line. Despite this as emphasised in the feedback I have achieved a significantly increased on-line presence through my learning log with regular blog entries, Facebook artists page and Instagram account. I plan to continue to use these on-line options to show my work, to network, to elicit feedback, and to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of textiles and related disciplines.

I intend to continue to develop the context in which I work, to be influenced by what I want to say and to communicate this through my textile art. With my family’s origins closely connected to the sea I have always been drawn to the sea and the coastline, it’s in my DNA. I wish to expand my contextual vocabulary further, to use tapestry weaving, hand-digitally printed textiles including heat transfer printing to further promote the beauty and fragility of the environment and the need to sustain, preserve, reuse, repurpose and recycle. My inspiration comes from nature, from the sea and the coastline, of the juxtaposition of beauty with depletion, waste, fragility and extinction.

While I have really enjoyed updating my learning log regularly, of making known my learning contemporaneously I have admittedly also experienced difficulty navigating around WordPress with its limited options to alter and adjust the original format. I understand the need to present my work in a coherent manner so my blog can be easily accessed and understood by all that use the site. That said I have presented the entries in date order but due to the number of new entries more recently I do recognise that it would take some time to look through all blog entries. In considering this I have been looking at ways to increase the number of pages in my learning log as recommended. I am mindful that assignments, tutor feedback and my response to the feedback all need to be on separate pages for ease of access especially through any formal assessment process. If unable to adjust this blog format I will focus upon extending the length of specific entries and signposting more clearly.

A central focus continues to be the evidencing of my ideas, to communicate the development of ideas from a series of ongoing sketchbooks, journal notes and the learning log with regular reflection through blog entries to highlight my thoughts and reasoning, see an example below, which stemmed from a series of linear drawings of natural surface qualities. Individual shapes and line were focused upon to create interesting standalone shapes and intersecting themes of colour, shape and line.

Morris (2020) Images taken from sketchbook example to evidence the communication of ideas as part of a creative process

From the linear drawings a series of experimental sketches were drawn in pencil and pen to explore layouts for screen printing. A range of colour studies were completed through collage using large sheets of white card. After the card was painted with acrylic paints shapes were cut and layered. The painterly marks added to the overall effects of the samples, see example of the collage work below.

Morris (2020) Example of collage work in sketchbook as follow on from earlier linear sketching-Part of planning stage for screen printing to explore what works best in print.
Morris (2019-20) Larger-scale screen-printed shapes with previously planned layout and colour palette to experiment with scale
Morris (2019-20) Larger-scale screen-printed shapes with previously planned layout and colour palette to experiment with scale

From completion of the mini project and the start of generating ideas for the development of my creative proposal further use of the linear drawing work has been capitalised upon. Linear drawings have been used with textural elements on considerably larger scaled screen-printing processes using upholstery linen in accordance with previous feedback, see example below. Contrasts have been used within a reduced colour palette with a more muted background and specific point of focus.  

Gillian Morris (2020) Inter-relationships- Personal Response to Natural Forms in Crisis. Recent example of screen-printed upholstery linen using linear artwork and textural elements from natural surface qualities.

As part of the next assignment and my continuing creative work there will be greater experimentation and sampling using a range of artwork including charcoal and ink wash, printed techniques and tapestry weaving to help formulate ideas for my personal creative investigation.

In tandem with this I aim to continue to evidence connections and links with other practising artists which help to validate my own work within the contemporary sphere as noted by my tutor. While I have referenced a range of contemporary artists in different blog articles within my on-line learning log, I need to ensure easier access. I aim to develop core reflective log entries on-line in the one place and to update this regularly instead of updating my learning log regularly with different blog entries. That said specific reflective log entries will increasingly focus upon other artists and their specific influences concerning colour, composition, materiality and/or structure, to link and connect with other artists ideologies, ethics and philosophies to see connections with my own thinking as advised by my tutor. I have followed up with all the recommended reading concerning context to help situate me within this wider arena of contemporary textiles.

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