OCA Textiles 3: Research Assignment Two- Response to Formative Tutor Feedback

Gillian Morris (2020) Interference- Personal Response to Natural Forms in Crisis. Recent example of screen-printed upholstery linen using linear artwork and textural elements from natural surface qualities.

2.1 Responding to context:

This feedback was particularly helpful right from the outset. I am so used to referencing other artists work that I forgot to reference my own work, to distinguish my work from others work both in text and the reference list. As highlighted above I intend to appropriately reference my own textile work going forward.

While I asked some colleagues and my partner to read the draft application possibly asking some known textile artists to proof-read would have been more advantageous. The suggested template will help to structure such applications in future. That said I recognise that I went off brief as I got caught up with related information linked directly with The Cordis Trust.

I have been increasingly acknowledging my family’s links with the sea, of originating from generations of men who earned their living salmon fishing in the small fishing communities in Fife. More recently there have been links with the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy so its little wonder that I love the sea and the coastline as it’s in my DNA. I need to formulate an increasingly unique and specific stance given my family connections to this environment and my personal responses and reactions to nature in that context.

2.2 Proposing context and content

I am conscious that I have written about the context for my textile practice throughout my learning log however since it’s been spread throughout different blog entries it is difficult to locate. As stated by my personal specialism course tutor Lizzy Levy as well as my research course tutor Neil Musson I need to write up one core reflective blog entry in summary format so it can be more readily identified and read. I aim to continue to increasingly evidence and expand upon the context in which I work creatively. I valued the comments from my research tutor concerning context especially centred around my previously used quote as outlined below.

 “Through making artwork which takes as its theme natural coastal forms and surfaces it is hoped that the beauty, fragility, importance and function of coastal life can be re-evaluated and prioritised through increased sustainability.”

I think the beauty of fragility fits well with my creative process and I can see the links with the fragility of the environment and my making. This has been helpful in expanding my vision of context for both research and my personal specialism.

I recognise now that I could have completed some sketches and sampling for the proposal to help the reader visualise the series of tapestry weavings. I was unsure about the depth of information required. It’s been helpful to increasingly understand what is required for such proposals as it is a new process for me within the arts. 

2.3 Identifying engaging ideas

From the feedback received I plan to spend some time reviewing each proposal, to re-evaluate the scale of overlap to amalgamate the three proposals into one proposal as suggested by my tutor.

Learning Logs or Blogs

I am currently trying to reorganise my learning log into a series of pages to ensure ease of access for all concerned. I have taken longer than expected to achieve this given my difficulty navigating WordPress and the limited range of options to alter the original layout.

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