Paul Furneaux – Royal Scottish Academy-Annual Exhibition 2019 Saturday 2nd November 2019

Paul Furneaux Tokyo Spring-Unique Japanese woodcut print with resin coating

Paul Furneaux submitted three separate Japanese prints with resin coatings which elicited exquisite mark making with beautifully considered colour schemes and shapes. The selected landscapes have been re-created through abstraction and distillation based upon his emotional experiencing of such scenes and the ever-changing light. The use of Mokuhanga Japanese woodcut printing with watercolour or pure pigments with the traditional hand printing processes onto handmade Japanese paper has created interesting marks which are ideally suited for textiles. The artist noted that the reduced imagery has enabled him to increasingly focus upon technique and experimentation through printing with woodblock and digital inkjet printing.

Paul Furneaux North Window-Unique Japanese woodcut print with resin coating Tatha Gallery Award

Through reflecting upon my own hand printmaking processes including my preference for water-based printing inks and my love of watercolours I aim to increasingly research traditional Japanese printmaking techniques like Mokuhanga using watercolours and to start to experiment to extend my mark making.

Paul Furneaux The Rain Ends-Unique Japanese woodprint print

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