Screen-Printing Preparation-Mark Making using Pen, Ink, Acrylic and Charcoal

Mark making with well defined black pen lines set against grey water colour wash and metallic silver acrylic paint

Continuing with the theme of identity and collections through objects I tried different methods and materials which relate with the natural forms that have significant meaning to me. Relevant and meaningful relationships with natural objects have previously been used follow this link to previous blog

I discovered that I could communicate aspects of them focusing upon some defined lines, surface marks and textural qualities. The narrative is structured around my life and the life of these objects as they are intertwined which evoke many memories and feelings. From observing a range of fossils, shells, rock, stones and crystals I could distill down and simplify aspects of their natural form with shape, line and surface texture. Through micro-observation I selected key areas of interest… to look at. I liked the colour palette of greys, black and silver so used high viscosity acrylic paints including Paynes Grey, Mars Black and Metallic Silver with pen, charcoal and watercolour washes. I felt it was as much about conveying an emotion as making marks as I tried to be more gestural and expressive when mark making. The results have encouraged me to experiment further, to be bolder with my mark making. I enjoyed using watercolours again with such defined edging set against the white cartridge paper. The clarity of black line, blocks of grey watercolour wash  and silver gestural brush strokes appeared to blend well. The variety of black line seemed to add to the overall effect with the backdrop of white, grey and silver landscape.

Mark making with metallic silver acrylic paint, Payne’s grey watercolour with hints of dilute yellow ochre and black pen line

In trying to understand the ever-evolving present through personal history and memories I move my creative process along…to produce emotional responses to my relationships with people, places, things…. objects. The challenge then is to keep moving forwards…to remain dynamic, fluid and sufficiently responsive to my creative process, so what I create leads onto something new and relevant. The aim is to keep experimenting with a range of materials, methods, concepts and subjects…of the continuing exploration of personal identity within the wider context of family and community to create impactful and interesting visual imagery.

Mark making with large sections of mixed Payne’s grey and yellow ochre watercolour wash drawn and painted over with pen, charcoal and metallic silver acrylic paint
Mark making with Payne’s grey watercolour wash with concentrated sections of metallic silver acrylic paint combined with pen and charcoal

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