Val Britton-Contemporary Artist: Collage Work-Use of Paper, Card & Cardboard

VAL BRITTON (2014) DELUGE Site-specific installation of hand cut, and laser cut paper, ink, and thread. Dimensions variable. Installation views from the exhibition “Passage” at Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco.

Val Britton creates immersive, collaged works on paper and site-specific installations that explore physical and psychological spaces. Her fragmented, exploded landscapes draw on the language of maps to explore memory, history, and the possibilities of abstraction.

Val Britton (2014) Voyage Laminated glass panels, ceramic glass melting colours, graphite, and lacquer paint. 9’5″ high x 55′ wide. Collection of the City and County of San Francisco. Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Airport Commission for the San Francisco International Airport
Val Britton (2010) collage, acrylic, ink, graphite, and coloured pencil on antique window shade 56″ x 94″ (100% recycled using materials reclaimed from the san Francisco dump) Collection of Recology, San Francisco.
Val Britton (2006) Our Ongoing Excavation ink, pencil, collage, and cut-out paper 34″x 43″
VAL BRITTON (2006-2008) WAYS TO NAVIGATE THROUGH WHAT WE’VE BUILT AND WHAT WE’VE DESTROYED II Ink, pencil, charcoal, tape, collage, and cut-out on paper. Dimensions variable
Val Britton (2010) World-scape which include paper construction with ink and tape, approximately 4.5 x 5 feet
Val Britton (2011) Burst Apart Site-specific mixed media installation of hand cut paper, ink, tempera, and thread. Dimensions variable. Created for the exhibition Here Be Dragons: Mapping Information and Imagination at Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco

The Reverberations series began in 2013 and is ongoing. This body of work was inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space. These images explore how imagined landscapes echo, mutate, and coalesce as a group and how they function one by one. All of these painted, collaged works on paper employ the square format and are 36″ by 36″ and smaller.

Val Britton (2013) Part of the Reverberations Series- Reverberations 39 Acrylic, ink, coloured pencil, collage, and cut out paper

This artist is best known for her work on paper and card, of making installations whereupon she creates abstract collage work using mixed media with reference to the language of maps, network diagrams and astronomical photography. The artwork of Val Britton and tutor feedback has increasingly inspired me to use reclaimed and recycled paper, card, and cardboard as a greater part of my creative process within sampling and beyond…to finished pieces of visual art. I have been encouraged to progress my relationship with a range of paper types, card, and cardboard. I have started to explore the effects of print on paper more with a view to extend scale and move from 2D to 3D as part of my progression. I like the idea of working with different paper types to be led by how the paper, card and cardboard reacts and responds to the print processes and to consider the integration of weave techniques as I develop my relationship with the materials.

Val Britton (2016) Under Cover of Stars Graphite, ink, and collage on paper with mixed topography 60″ x 71″

On researching this artist, I was reminded of how much I used to love working on paper and how the intervening years of work have got in the way. The whole idea of journeys, voyages and maps has enabled me to see this process with paper, card, and cardboard as an essential part of my own passage from where I am now to the next stage of my own journey to reacquaint my relationship with such materials in a more all-consuming way.


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